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We offer medical intervention for opioid abusers as part of their journey to sobriety and recovery.
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Since the 1990s, the public has had a problem with dealing with opioid misuse and abuse. Even today, opioid abuse remains as one of the leading causes of hospitalization and death in the country.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, around 21 to 29% of patients prescribed with opioids for treating chronic misuse them. Around 8 to 12% develop an opioid use disorder.

If you or someone you know abuses opioids, know that help is available. Find the intervention you need at our medical clinic in Maryland.

What We Offer

Capital Multi Health Group offers medicinal intervention for opioid abusers undergoing recovery. We supplement the aid provided by sober living programs by prescribing medication.

Our clinic offers prescriptions for Subutex and Suboxone. This is to ensure the treatment and safe recovery of substance abusers.

Recovery is possible. Seek professional aid today.

$200 for initial visits

$125 for follow-up visits

Learn more about how we provide medical intervention by calling today.